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Lynn Anna is a beauty products expert, fashion model, and social media influencer. 

Lynn Anna's passion for beauty products started as a fashion model living in Shanghai where she worked with some of the top makeup artists in Asia and was exposed to the amazing culture around Asian beauty products.  She loved how Asian companies incorporated eastern ingredients and production techniques to produce the best quality products and always stay ahead of the beauty trends in the US.  Since then, her passion has driven her to travel all over Asia to research and understand the latest in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese skin care techniques and products.  Her expertise in the Asian beauty and health field has attracted the attention of some of the best Asian skincare and wellness companies such as Sulwhasoo and Tony Moly. She has now established herself as an expert in the field and works with Asian beauty brands to provide them with feedback on their health and beauty products before release.  Lynn Anna is excited to bring directly to you, her faithful readers, truthful reviews of Asian beauty products that are affordable for everyday use.

Along with being a top Asian beauty expert, Lynn Anna continues her high fashion modeling career and has been featured inside and on the cover of numerous fashion magazines and the runways of New York City.  She has done modeling work for brands such as Billabong, Nasty Gal, Betsey Johnson, Wella, Makeup Forever, Dior Beauty and Oryany to name a few.  

All while staying committed to learning about beauty products and modeling, Lynn Anna obtained her Associates Degree in Fashion Marketing at The Art Institute while living in Los Angeles, California.  She is currently living in Brooklyn, New York and continues to further her education in beauty products, wellness and marketing.  In her spare time, she volunteers at local charities.

Stay tuned and keep checking back on this blog for the latest in beauty advice from Lynn Anna.  She also has a deep passion for wellness and traveling so stay on the lookout for some posts on those topics as well!    

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