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Cool Beauty Trends For the Summer Heat

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Summer weather is all about dealing with the scorching heat and lazy days in style. However, applying makeup on these hot days can feel futile since it can quickly melt away. Summer beauty is not about thick makeup. Instead, the sunny days cry out for a lighter, multicolored, and fresh makeup look that will not wear off. So here we are with the awe-inspiring beauty trends to beat the summer heat in the chicest way.

Graphic eyeliners

As grey, black, and brown eyeliners are often preferred, summer gives the vibe to try out fun eyeliners. Aqua green, yellow, pink, neon, and royal blue eyeliners are the preferred colors for a bold look in the summer. White liquid eyeliner is the go-to choice of celebrities during the summer, as it is neutral and goes with everything you wear.

Brushed up eyebrow

Summer is not the weather to go into a strenuous effort to do your brows. Brow gel is an effortless formula to shape eyebrows. Clear and tinted brow gel is the perfect way to keep your brows polished, sleeked, and combed out.

Switch your heavy lipstick with lip stains

Lip stains will stay in place for a full day in the blazing sun. The charm of a lip stain is that it gives lips a natural and glowing appearance. So you can apply lip balm after using lip stains without getting nervous about spreading the color around. Peach and sweet pink shades are the best for a classic look during this season, or you can go with the grape and tangerine shades for a bold look.

Blushing cheeks

Radiant and glowing skin is the preferable choice in summer. Cream blush and highlighter can complete this look. Start by applying your desired shades on the cheeks and over the nose bridge to fake a sun exposure glow.

No-makeup makeup

No-makeup makeup is the most straightforward approach to showcasing a natural vibe on these hot days. To achieve this look, apply a multiuse makeup product over the face, cheeks, and eyes in pink and berry shades to give a whole face the same look.

Hair accessories

A hairstyle is essential to complete the overall look, and summer is all about trying new things. Cool clips are in trend to keep your small layers away from the face or accessorizing an up do. Colorful snap clips are a fun way to add colors to your look. Braids are also a chic look. You can try a single braid or double braids, depending on your mood.


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