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What Is Dolphin Skin?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The new beauty term "dolphin skin" is trending on social media. It's the latest viral beauty trend, where the goal is to have glowing and shiny skin, just like marine mammals. You can achieve this look by adding more shiny elements to your makeup. But, how is dolphin skin different from classic dewy skin?

It's different because it's about the glow and the airy feeling on the skin. The purpose is to look like you arrived from the beach where you just got out from the water, and your skin is radiant, smooth, and luminous. Of course, those who already have soft and glowing skin will get the desired result much easier, but everyone can achieve it.

How to achieve the dolphin skin look?

Your facial skin must be adequately hydrated before applying the product. Here are some steps to get the ultimate dolphin skin look:

  1. Start with the base – add a hydrating, illuminating primer to prepare your skin for that wet, slippery look. It is a pre-makeup step to reduce the redness and make your skin more moisturized.

  2. Prepare your cheeks – emphasize the cheekbones with liquid highlighter, and then add a transparent blush to the cheeks to get the desired color.

  3. Eyes and lips – your eyes and lips can also be a part of the dolphin skin look. You can use the same formula with liquid shadows and lip gloss. Don't use any matte products. Everything should be glossy, light, and shiny.

  4. The finishing look – add a dry, sheer finish to lock up the dolphin skin effect.

This look is perfect for daily summer parties, where you want to wear minimalistic but captivating makeup. People will wonder if it's your natural look from your hydrating cream. It is effortless. Just remember, this makeup trend is all about looking airy, fresh, and glossy.


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