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The Best Makeup Products With Skincare Benefits

We rely on skincare to save our skin and delay aging. But can our application of makeup hurt our efforts? Unfortunately, yes, sometimes it can. If the makeup product contains sodium chloride and benzaldehyde, it can clog your pores and mess up your appearance. That's why the best makeup will not only minimize your flaws but will also benefit the skin. Here are a few products to look for:

BB creams

BB cream is a foundation alternative that combines sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizing ingredients into one product. The term BB cream stands for "beauty balm" because it hydrates, illuminates, and protects your skin while providing light coverage.

Concealer and eye cream

The area under the eyes is sensitive and requires extra care. Regular concealer only covers up flaws, and eye cream benefits the eyes but doesn't hide discoloration. A concealer that has eye cream benefits is the perfect solution to this problem. Skincare concealers have hydrating ingredients such as vitamin C and antioxidants that improve fine lines and dark circles over time.

Protective lipstick

Lipstick now has more added benefits than just making your lips look pretty. Lipstick is now formulated with Zinc oxide to protect from the sun, hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration, and neuropeptides to smooth fine lines.


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