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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

About XOUL

XOUL is a cosmeceutical stem cell culture cosmetic brand based on advanced bio-life science technology They combine that technology together with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetics research, and development experts to create premium products.

XOUL promises that they can restore the natural beauty of the skin because their products contain Human Epithelia Cell Conditioned Media Extract, skin growth factors, and other excellent ingredients.

I was lucky enough to get to try two amazing products from XOUL. The Solution Face Mask and the Miracle Stone. Below is some information about the products and my review. I hope you enjoy!

About XOUL Solution Facial Mask

XOUL Solution Facial Mask promises to maintain a firm, clear, and moisturized appearance by using a variety of growth factors. This mask contains Human Adipose Stromal Cell Conditioned Media Extract and Placenta Protein. Human Adipose Stromal Cell Conditioned Media Extract enhances the skin barrier. Placenta Protein helps with elasticity and maintaining moisture.

My Review

I think this is an amazing mask.

Scent (Score 5/5): Mask does not have any scent. I really enjoy when products do not have a scent because it’s a good sign that there is little to no fragrance added.

Texture (Score 5/5): Product is not sticky, feels nice, and is well absorbed into the skin without leaving any type of film behind. Mask packaging is full of essence. You have a fully moisture mask and some extra essence to use another time. I love when you have extra product left over.

Quality (Score 5/5): I added this category to this review because I think it was important to note that the mask is made with Eco-friendly cotton fiber. This allows the mask to provide moisture and nutrition without feeling stuffy and heavy.

Performance (Score 5/5): Mask does what it promises to do. Results are amazing and last for a long time. Even while traveling and facing winter skincare challenges.

Overall (Score 5/5): XOUL Solution Facial Mask is a great product and is definitely worth purchasing.

XOUL Miracle Stone

The other product I was able to try from XOUL is their Miracle Stone.

About XOUL Miracle Stone

XOUL Miracle Stone is used for cleansing your skin. When we were make-up and live in polluted environments. We don’t always realize how much dirt or bad stuff is on our skin that is causing us trouble. These negative elements cause our skin to not be able to function properly. This cleansing product promises to not only clean skin but to heal and moisturize it as well.

Product is formulated with human-adipocyte cytosol cell culture extract, Aquilaria Agallocha (a resin component of Aleswood), and natural cleansing ingredients such as stearic and lauric acid.

Aquilaria Agallocha heals wounds and keeps skin calm. Stearic and Lauric acid are mild cleansing acids that stimulate the skin without irritating it.

My Review

I think that this is a very unique but great product.

Texture (Score 5/5): Very smooth and silky. Doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue like other cleansers do. Skin is very soft after use

Performance (Score 5/5): Miracle Stone does what it promises to do. Results are fascinating because it not only cleanses and moisturizes your skin. But it also causes skin to appear brighter and firmer. Definitely an added bonus and special surprise.

Scent (Score 4.5/5): Scent is ok. Smells like soap. But do not mind if its because of the natural ingredients. I’d rather them not add any fragrance to it or change the formula.

Overall (Score 5/5): XOUL Miracle Stone is a very unique and special product. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Where did I got the product?

XOUL products are available at

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#Kooding #Xoul #SkincXOUL Solution Facial Mask is a great product and is definitely worth purchasing.

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