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Healthy hair in Japan

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I normally focus on skincare. However, for this weeks blog post I want to talk about the importance of having healthy hair.

Having healthy hair is not only important because it makes a good impression, it is also very important because the condition that our hair is a reflection of our overall health. Our hair is often the first to show us signs that we have a health problem. For example: If our hair is thinning it could mean that we have a vitamin deficiency or an illness.

The condition of our hair also shows us about our hygiene and maintenance routine. How our hair looks and feels can show us if we aren't washing our hair enough, if we are washing it too much, using too much styling tools and chemicals, and not nourishing it enough.

Lastly having healthy hair makes you feel better and look better.

After a long flight to Japan and experiencing different weather and water conditions. I felt that my hair didn't look or feel it's best. So, I did a lot of research on Japanese hair care and found amazing reviews about how beneficial going to a salon in Japan can be. So, I decided to get a hair treatment from a really nice salon in Shinjuku Tokyo. I cant wait to tell you about my experience!


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