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How I Stay Healthy While Traveling

My tips for staying healthy while traveling:

1. Drinking a lot of water helps me to stay hydrated while I travel. In the US, I have my eco-friendly bottle that I constantly refill with clean water. I'll go to places such as Starbucks that don't mind giving you water. Water is essential for your skin, your digestion, and your energy levels. Water also helps keep your appetite in check so that you do not make unhealthy food choices. Dehydration is often one of the top reasons people feel tired, experience slow digestion, and have dry, itchy, dull-looking skin. I'll drink about three liters of water a day to prevent this.

2. Try to get enough nutrients to keep your immunity up. When I travel, I always make sure to take my supplements along. I love Moon Juice Super Hair Vitamins because not only do they keep your hair healthy with beneficial ingredients, but they are also formulated with stress-fighting nutrients. Stress can mess up your hair, skin, and health. Since traveling can be stressful, it's crucial to manage the impact of stress on the body. (Take supplements but don't over do it!) I pack probiotics and ginger tea and drink mixtures. Ginger is known to boost the immune system. I also recommend trying to find homemade teas and fresh juices if possible. It is important to keep your immunity strong so that you can enjoy your trip.

3. Lastly, remember to exercise. I will try to walk every day if the weather is nice. If walking is not possible, I work out at the hotel's gym or in my hotel room. My favorite workout program is by John Benton Model Fitness, but you can also find great workout videos on YouTube. I recently learned that "physical activity might help to flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways and assists with the circulation that is needed to keep the immune system strong."


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