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Japanese beauty find: Skin Aqua Rohto New Sunscreen Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

I am currently obsessed with this amazing sunscreen that I purchased in Japan. (Don't worry you can by it online! Just make sure its not a fake!)

This sunscreen is not only amazing because it protects you from sun and UV damage but it is also amazing because of the many unique characteristics it has!

Such as:

  • Its a lavender-colored face and body sunscreen that brings out your own transparency. Translucent blue x ruddy pink = lavender color, creating a natural translucency for your skin.

  • It controls color and light while UV-cutting to tone up the skin.

  • It has a smooth, fresh and comfortable texture.

  • Its made with fine strobe pearls that reflect sunlight and light. This gives a three-dimensional gloss while increasing skin clarity.

  • It contains sodium hyaluronate, vitamin C derivatives, and pure nuance complex as skin care ingredients. Pure nuance is a vitamin C complex that is a mixture of passion fruit, hydrolyzed plum and chestnut rose. These ingredients keep your skin moisturized.

  • It can be used before applying make up because it combines well together.


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