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Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Blue light can damage your vision, but researchers are now concerned that it can also cause premature aging.

What exactly is blue light?

Blue light is a high-frequency HEV light with wavelengths that range from 400 to 450 nanometers. The sun is the primary source of blue light, but it is also released by electronics such as smartphones, tablets, tv, neon lights, and Led lights used at houses. Regular exposure to blue light (from sunlight) during the day can boost attentiveness, increase memory, and reduce stress but staring at your laptop or ebook reader before bedtime can upset your body's sleep patterns. Moreover, blue light's triggering reactions on the skin can also lead to "digital aging."

Does Blue Light Damage Skin?

Our skin has been exposed to various wavelengths of light since our birth. However, it turns out that digital eye strain isn't the only factor in why you should cut back on your screen time. Blue light released by smartphones, laptops, and other digital devices can injure your skin and cause premature aging.

A 2018 study reveals that your selfie addiction may be responsible for those freshly sprung wrinkles. Skin is a target of oxidative stress. Even short-term exposure to blue light from electronic equipment can "increase the formation of reactive oxygen species." Blue light is also known to clog pores deeper, causing essential proteins to be damaged, resulting in wrinkles and firmness loss.

What does new research say about "digital aging"?

According to new research, your skin is a threat of 'digital aging' if you're continually hooked to your devices. Blue light can cause aging, but a new generation of skincare options on the market can help you fight back.

The majority of new research states that 60% of individuals spend six hours each day in front of a screen. So whether you're watching something on Netflix or switching through your social apps, you are spending more time on these digital devices than sleep. So let's not fool ourselves: the blue light emitted by those devices will wreck your skin.

Fight the screen fever | How to beat the blue?

As we know that sunlight and digital devices emit blue light, we must employ both an inside and an outdoor strategy. We should balance our activities according to our needs so that things balance back in our favor.

The products containing Vitamins C and E hold the advantage in preventing wrinkles. Apply these products in the morning. At night, switch to Vitamin A. Moreover, it is recommended to eat food containing antioxidants because it also decreases the harm caused by blue light.

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