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PRF under eye treatment at Proper Balance Healthcare in Chicago

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Proper Balance Healthcare while I was in Chicago and try one of their services. Proper Balance Healthcare is a Chicago-based med spa that believes in taking an all-natural approach to health and wellness. They help their patients “reduce or eliminate their needs for unnecessary medications and invasive surgeries by allowing their body to repair itself utilizing its own intrinsic healing powers."

They offer many innovative treatments such as PRF for under eyes. PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) treatment is an all-natural solution used to improve the under-eye area. The "tear trough" is a challenging area of the skin to treat that requires an experienced injector.

I wanted to try a PRF treatment because it can help brighten and smooth the under-eye hallowing that occurs over time. PRF is an all-natural way to improve under-eye tone, firmness, texture, and thickness.

Proper Balance Healthcare has an exceptionally trained medical staff. For my service, I had the pleasure of being treated by Anna Maurer. She is a highly skilled Certified Physician Assistant.

The treatment protocol is simple.

-First, they draw your blood.

-Next, the blood is placed inside a specialized centrifuge designed to separate PRF from the other blood components.

-After spinning, the PRF is harvested from the top of the vial into a syringe. (Once the PRF is ready, there is a delicate window of time before the PRF forms into a gel-like consistency.

The procedure is time-sensitive, but it provides natural-looking results.)

-Once it is ready, it is injected under your eye.

There was little to no discomfort because they used numbing cream on the area before the injection. They want the procedure to be as painless as possible. Though there is a chance that it might be a bit unpleasant depending on your pain tolerance. I only felt minor irritation on my left eye. (Side effects may include bruising and/or swelling.) My physician used a cannula to reduce the chance of bruising.

After the treatment, I only experienced slight swelling (mainly under the left eye) for a few days. Once the swelling disappeared, my under-eye area showed improvement.

However, they advise you to get at least two more treatments 4-6 weeks apart to experience the best results. To maintain results, you should get the treatment done at least once a year. It is important to note that results vary from person to person.

I personally think the treatment worked well and I highly recommend Proper Balance Healthcare!


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