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My visit to Peek-a-boo hair salon in Tokyo

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Traveling can not only take a toll on your skin but can also dry out your hair too. This can happen because of the plane or the change in weather, air, or water. It doesn't mean that those things are bad in another county. Those changes could simply just affect your hair because its different. It is very fortunate that I was staying in an amazing country like Japan that is praised for its beauty products, skincare, and hair care.

My trip was very busy. I spent a lot of time learning about Japanese culture, exploring, shopping and eating. New Years Eve was the only day that I had some free time to visit a hair salon. On New Years Eve it isn't very easy to find beauty services that are open. New Years Eve is a very important holiday where a lot of businesses are closed from 12/31-1/3. Its a very special holiday for people to spend with their families and friends.

Luckily I found Peek-a-boo hair salon inside of NEWoman (located in Shinjuku).

I am very grateful to my two stylists Yuma Kumana and Jumpei Yukawa at Peek-a-boo hair salon for making time to see me on a holiday even though I asked them to take me as a walk-in on NYE.

I really needed a hair treatment and they really did a great job to help my hair look its best.

This is how the process went:

Step 1- Greeting and consultation.

The stylists really took the time to make sure that they were clear on what my goals were.

Step 2- Shampoo and head message.

Head messages are very beneficial for improving circulation and promoting hair growth.

Step 3- Hair Treatment:

My hair treatments purpose was to add nourishment to my hair. The hair treatment consisted of applying product wrapping it in a towel (to help moisture sink in) for a few minutes.

Step 4. Shampooing or cleansing (to rinse out the product out of my hair) and conditioning.

Jumpei was wonderful!

Step 5. Styling, tea, and fun conversation.

I asked for classic Victoria Secret style waves and Yuma did the perfect Job!

(The first picture is after the treatment and styling. The second picture is before it.)

I must also add that I don't speak Japanese but the stylists did speak and understand English pretty well. They made a great effort to accommodate me and give me what I wanted even given the language barrier

I love this salon and my stylists! I highly recommend visiting Peek-a-boo salon (NEWoman Shinjuku) when you are in Tokyo!

(Yuma) (Jumpei)

Meet the stylists:

Check out the salon:


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