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Why are people still ashamed to share their beauty treatments?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

In a world where the beauty industry is collectively worth…., influencers are everywhere and new procedures are launching every day. Why are people still so reluctant to share their beauty treatments? Why does a feeling of shame motivate this reluctance?

Costly Measures

Many beauty treatments are quite expensive, and also deemed to be an unnecessary expense. It is seen as an indulgence because procedures that are not motivated by medical need are usually seen as vain extravagances. This makes many people unwilling to share their treatments, for fear of being judged. In fact, this is where most of the shame stems from – that others will judge them.

Ageing Gracefully

There is also so much pressure on men and women to age ‘gracefully’ and let nature take its course. However many feel that if there is help available to turn back the clock, then why should they not? “I want to look as good as I feel inside” stated a respondent to the question. We have to look at why others feel that it is okay to judge another’s choices especially when they do not impact another person.

Clearly Competitive

A major factor in this could be the competitiveness that stems from looking the most attractive. People want to look their best and better than all the rest so that they can attract a partner, feel more confident, and feed their egos. This leads to a lot of selfishness when it comes to sharing beauty secrets and an unwillingness to build a sense of community around beauty treatments. They feel that sharing puts you on too even a playing field and also diminishes the mystery around looking flawless.


Another reason could be that people find their procedures to be quite shameful themselves… Cosmopolitan puts together a list of quite entertaining and downright lazy beauty secrets that people do, but they don’t talk about. This list is funny and sort of features the everyday faux pas that we all may once in a while dabble in, but there are some beauty treatments that are quite out there. From Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial – the process of injecting blood (yours) into parts of your face to more invasive treatments – some people just feel that their beauty treatments may just be too outlandish to talk about to others.

Sharing is Caring

At the end of the day, it is better to adopt a transparent attitude to beauty whether the pressure to be ashamed of your treatments comes from within or from the fear of judgement from others. No one should be forced to share but no one should feel ashamed to do so either. Reflecting and sharing beauty treatments is an important cornerstone in building a global beauty community where we can all learn from each other. Reviews of treatments help people decide which procedures are suited best for them, and what really goes on beyond the marketing. We can help each other discover treatments that may be really enlightening and assistive to others, as well as for yourself.

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