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Why your skincare routine should change with the season?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

As colder weather rolls in, should some of your skincare items be rolling out?

It is now winter, and with the change of season should you give your current skincare routine a reboot? There are some very good factors that support changing up your beauty game as per season.

Environmental stressors, different sun level exposures and temperature changes, all have a huge impact on the condition of your skin. Heat, cold, humidity and wind all play a role in how your skin reacts and what it needs to function optimally.

As it becomes cooler, it usually becomes drier too. This means that your skin probably needs more moisture and nourishment. With warmer weather the focus should change to sun protection and lighter hydration.

Here are some tips to keep your skin looking wonderful even as winter approaches:

You may have to exfoliate more

This may be odd advice given that during the winter we are so covered up and huddled indoors, but flaky skin, created by a lack of moisture, less oils in the skin and indoor heating, can create a dull complexion. Maintain your glow by adding a good exfoliator once or twice a week to your beauty routine.

Exchange your ‘normal’ formula for the intensive version

Hands really take a beating from the elements in winter, and a way to combat this is to swap out your normal hand cream for the more intensive formulation. (For example L’Occitane Shea Handcream )

Tinted to Ultra-Moisturising

Summer is a great time to experiment with all sorts of tinted lip balms and glowy glosses, but in the snowy season, the lips need some extra TLC. Chapped, cracked and wind-chafed lips are anything but kissable and are sometimes just downright uncomfortable. Protect yours from the elements with an ultra-nourishing alternative. Try applying a thick balm overnight or using formulas with avocado or honey.

Just like lips, your eye area can also benefit from some extra hydration by swapping out your regular gel based eye treatment for a creamier formula. Try an enriched eye cream that offers mega moisture to this delicate area.

Lotion to Oil

Soften scaly skin with the added protective power of oil instead of a regular moisturizer. Especially at night, a good oil can give your skin the added emollient it needs to balance the skin barrier.

Just like with moisturizers, you can swap out your regular micellar water for an oil based formulation that won't leave your skin dried out. Or you even try a makeup-melting balm.

In the winter your hair could do with a bit of emollient because less humidity in the air creates more static. An oil, instead of your usual leave-in treatment, helps to seal in more moisture into the hair, hydrating, glossing and smoothing it for amazing results.

Consider Hyaluronic Acid

Consider adding a hyaluronic serum to your daily routine, if you find that you are battling seasonally drier skin, a hyaluronic acid serum can help. The humectant properties of hyaluronic acid bind moisture to the skin and is a dry skin-saver.

Powder to Cream

Swapping your powder blush for a creamier formula can aid in moisturizing dry, skin, creating a smoother application even when the colder months are ravaging your complexion. This exchange works for most of your makeup collection, you can change up powder eyeshadow or matte lipstick for more buttery, creamier formulas.

Hope this helps you, in the coming months, to keep your skin happy and glowing. Remember that no matter the season your skin always needs enough water and a good SPF to keep looking it’s best!


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