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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Cryotherapy is a treatment that originated in Japan. It is a technique where the body is exposed to an extremely cold temperature between negative 200–300°F for a few minutes. Cryotherapy is believed to have many healthy benefits. Such as breaking down fat cells, reducing the signs of aging, boosting metabolism. and helping athletes recover.

For my first cryotherapy session, I visited Cryofuel.

Cryofuel is a trendy boutique sized cryotherapy medical spa in NYC. What I love about them is that they use the best technology available to accelerate muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, diminish cellulite, and boost collagen production. The treatment of cryotherapy combined with the best equipment is amazing!

So, what is cryotherapy like?

When I arrived at Cryofuel, I was immediately greeted by their friendly receptionist who helped explain everything to me and walked me through the process.

Before you can get into the cryotherapy chamber you have to remove all your clothes and jewelry. The only clothing you can have on is the socks that they give you. Of course, you don’t have to walk around naked. They give you a very comfy and warm robe to wear before and after.

Once I was ready to go, another friendly associate walked me to the room. He explained to me that the temperature will drop to about negative 275°F. He also assured me that if I felt like I couldn’t handle the full 3 minutes that he would stop it for me immediately.

The friendly associate then leaves the room in order to give me privacy to enter the chamber because I am completely naked without the robe. After I am inside of the chamber, he comes back to turn the machine on.

That’s when things get crazy. It starts getting insanely cold. I hate the cold, but I will put myself through anything in the name of beauty and health. Luckily it eventually starts to get easier. I think because your body starts to go numb. Before you know it, the treatment is over, and you can get back into your comfy robe. They take steps to make sure you are hydrated and feeling great before they let you leave. Cryotherapy is like working out in the sense that you need to stay hydrated after.

So, what is the results like?

I think the results are great. Once my body adjusts back to a normal temperature, I noticed that any soreness I had is completely gone. I consumed more calories after my treatment then I normally do, but I looked slimmer then I was before the day after my treatment. Even my skin somehow looked better the next few weeks following the treatment.

My final thoughts…

I think cryotherapy is a great treatment. I can’t do it all the time because I have low tolerance for the cold. But, every now and then I do cryotherapy to help me recover, to boost my metabolism, and to boost collagen production.

I prefer getting the Cryoskin facial. The Cryoskin facial is amazing. It’s the same benefits as the full cryotherapy treatment but for your face. So, your body gets to stay warm, and your face gets to look amazing after. This treatment is available at Cryofuel! I think you should try both!

If you are interested in trying cryotherapy, I highly recommend that you go to Cryofuel. A treatment like this, you want to go to an amazing business that cares about your comfort, safety, and overall experience.

Please Click the links to read more about Cryofuel. XOXO


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Mar 07, 2019

Love this! Please recommend more places in NYC!


Mar 07, 2019

Interesting read Lynn


Mar 07, 2019

The facial sounds better lol. Less cold lol


Mar 07, 2019

I’ve been there. Nice place!


Mar 07, 2019

Definitely cool. Ice babe

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