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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I remember when I visited China a few years ago. It was a very eye-opening experience. I learned a lot about their culture, tried a lot of new and amazing foods, and learned a lot about skincare.

Girls in China have amazing skin. They also take amazing care of their skin.

I was lucky enough to establish friendships while I was there. I remember hanging out with a girl named Sunny and we went shopping together. We explored many different beauty stores. When I was there girls preferred skincare products from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Japanese and Taiwanese products were trusted and adored. But, the Korean skincare industry was starting to bloom because the products contained more beneficial ingredients and less chemicals.

I remember how sad I was when I got back to the US. I missed my new friends, I missed the food, the lifestyle, and the abundance of amazing skincare products that were easily accessible.

I remember that I would go out of my way to order Asian beauty products, whether it was online or searching every Asian store I could find. I also remember trying to convince everyone that Korean skincare was going to become mainstream in the US.

Since then it has been amazing to see how much it has grown. I see major Korean brands opening shops all over New York City. I see Korean beauty products in stores such as Sephora, Macys, and Nordstrom. I see major beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, Cover Girl, and Mary Kay introducing Korean inspired products.

I love how mainstream it is now and I look forward to trying and reviewing these exciting new products for you!


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