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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The Product

A'PIEU Strawberry Milk is an adorable Brightening mask that is full of antioxidants. It is soaked in a milky essence that is formulated with many beneficial ingredients such as strawberry extract. Strawberry extract is an ingredient with vitamin C that brightens skin and evens out the complexion. Other ingredients such as Pearl extract also help to brighten the skin. While milk extract, hyaluronic acid, and other fermented ingredients deeply hydrate the skin. The unique air pockets in this sheet mask allow it to retain moisture for a longer period of time while allowing the essence to spread evenly throughout the skin without irritation.

The Brand

A'PIEU is the sister brand to popular Korean beauty brand Missha. A'PIEU uses gentle ingredients to create effective and easy-to-use products that are primarily formulated for people in their 20’s. Their gentle skin care ingredients, innovative makeup products, and cute packaging have always made them a popular brand.


Scent (Score 5/5): Smells amazing just like strawberry milk. But not like a basic bottle of strawberry milk, but like a really well made and amazing glass of strawberry milk.

Texture (Score 4/5): Slightly sticky after a while, but mostly smooth.

Performance (Score 4/5): Not as hydrating as other masks but it definitely does a great job of brightening your skin and making it feel softer then it did before.

Overall (Score 4/5): It is a great mask if you want your face to appear brighter. I think it is the perfect product to use before a date or event. You can always count on Missha and A'PIEU to have great products!


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Mar 07, 2019


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