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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

On my last post I mentioned how not getting enough sleep negatively affects your appearance. On this post I want to share with you how important staying hydrated is for your skin.

When you are well hydrated your skin maintains elasticity and is able to fight the appearance of wrinkles.

Staying hydrated slows down the aging process because organs need water to perform properly. If you are not getting enough water your organs have to work harder. This kind of stress accelerates the aging process.

Lack of hydration is responsible for dry, flaky, and dull skin. Getting enough water helps the skin look plump and supple, helping the natural process of shedding dull skin well creating new skin and having that overall healthy glow.

Your skin needs to be able to rid itself of toxins and it can't do so with out enough hydration. This results in inflamed and irritated skin. So basically how you are treating your body on the inside affects you just as much as how you are treating it on the outside.

These great products that I share with you are amazing and beneficial. but you still need to do your part in taking care of your whole body in order to get the best results from any skincare regimen.

Sometimes I get dehydrated because I am not always aware that I am not drinking enough water. We don’t often realize how consistent travel, being on an airplane, stress, pollution, and artificial heat all cause our bodies to lose water.

I try to stay hydrated by:

1. Drinking lots of water-They say that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day and to be careful to not to over due it. But I think we need to get better at noticing if our bodies require more water then what is recommended. I try to drink 2 1/2 - 3 liters of water a day because 8 glasses is usually not enough for me. I like to start my day by drinking 1 warm cup of water with lemon followed by 1 liter of water. Starting off the day by drinking one liter of water (while I get ready) makes it more likely for me to reach my goal.

2. Drinking coconut water when I feel like water isn’t enough and when I need something natural that has electrolytes.

3. IV Therapy- IV therapy is a way to put hydration, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants directly into your vein to help restore your health and get your body back in balance. This is perfect if you notice that you have been feeling very fatigue, dehydrated, hungover, if you were recently sick, or you just need an overall pick me up. IV Therapy is a celeb favorite that they use to keep their health, energy, and appearance in top shape.

Please read my next post to find out more about it! <3


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Mar 07, 2019

Agree with cutiepie17 ... #fijiwatergirl


Mar 07, 2019


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