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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Hello everyone! I’m Lynn Anna and welcome to my new Beauty Blog! I am so excited to share with you how passionate I am about skincare, taking care of yourself, and enjoying life. Some of you guys already follow me on Instagram and that means the world to me. I always enjoy reading your direct messages and helping you in anyway that I can. I am super happy to be able to have another place where I can thoroughly share with you my recommendations, regimens, discoveries, and experiences with you. Always feel free to reach out to me at

For my first blog post, I want to share with you an amazing Korean brand that I was lucky enough to receive as a gift this Valentine's Day.


Belif is an all-natural Korean brand that has become hugely successful by combining time-tested Korean apothecary herbal traditions with modern skincare science.  The product I’m reviewing is The true cream - moisturizing bomb.


I’ll be judging beauty products based on three categories: 

Scent (Score 4/5): The first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t have much of a scent to it at all. It has a slight smell that is pleasing but very natural. This is amazing because studies say that perfume in skincare products can lower the products benefits.  

Texture (Score 5/5): I loved this product’s texture. It is very rich and silky and does not leave any kind of film.  It is not sticky, it is very hydrating, and fast absorbing.  

Performance (Score 5/5):  Belif states that The true cream- moisturizing bomb is clinically proven to retain moisture for up to 26 hours. So far, I have worn this moisturizer out in the cold, in rooms with heaters, and even on an airplane. It has definitely helped my skin to retain moisture and stay hydrated throughout the day and throughout challenging conditions.  

OVERALL SCORE 5/5:  I have been using this product since Valentine’s Day, and I think it definitely delivers.   


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